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News : Assignments of Detained Faculty during Puja Vacation 2018
Published On 9/10/2018


All my esteemed colleagues (Member of faculty)  who will be detained during Puja vacation 2018, are requested to complete the following assignments. 

1. Completion of academic syllabus/ tutorial tests for the 1st semester students. 

2. Record of  Departmental stock book/ seminar library books updating. 

3. Sending of data to the member/ convenor of IQAC. 

4. Identification of incomplete civil  work  in respective departments. 

5. Identification and reporting of building related problems. 

6. Arrangement of furniture/ laboratory instruments  in the respective department with the help of non teaching staff member. 

7. Completion of data entry in  service book  with the intervention of HA of the college. 

8. Completion of all paper works related to introduction of GPF account of teachers  not yet done. 

9. Preparation of all applications for medical leave/ earned leave still due for them.

10. Preparation of documents for teachers whose CAS is still due.