Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Dr. Sarmishtha Chanda W.B.E.S


M.Sc., B. Ed., Ph.D.

Contact Details :

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology
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Dr. Sarmishtha Chanda (b 1975, 31st Dec) obtained her master degree from University of Calcutta in Physiology from Dept. Of Physiology with securing highest marks in special paper and 3rd position in M.Sc. In the year 1998 under Sport and Excercise Physiology specialization .

In her Graduate examination also she secured position in University. She qualified GATE and SLET under Life Science.

She obtained her doctoral degree (in the year 2007) from Department of Biophysics, Molecular Biology and genetics, University of Calcutta, under the guidance of Prof (Dr.) Uma B Dasgupta, a prominent scientist in the field of molecular and cellular genetics with a co-guidance of Prof. Dr. D.N. Guhamazumder, a prominent clinician and researcher in the field of gastroenterology and epidemiology. The title of her thesis is Molecular Changes Induced by Arsenic which deals with the molecular and cellular toxicity with genetic and epigenetic alterations in persons chronically exposed to arsenic with and without malignanAfter completion of her Ph.D she enjoyed National Scholarship and award (DBT-PDF Award) under Department of Biotechnology , Govt of India, from Indian Institute of Science (IISC, Bangalore) for her Post Doctoral study on the year 2007. She worked with Dr. Tushar Chakraborty in Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB, Kolkata) for her post doctoral study on arsenic induced cancer to find out the epigenetic hotspot for DNA methylation in arsenical cancer.

Dr. Chanda joined WestBengal Education Service in September 2008 as an Assistant Professor in Dept. Of Physiology, Presidency College. In September 2014 she joined Krishnagar Govt. College , Dept. Of Physiology. She is actively involved in research since 2001 in the field of environmental and molecular toxicology to find out the biomarker for arsenic induced cancer for its early detection in collaboration with Dr. D.n Guha Mazumder and Dr. Tushar Chakraborty. Her present research activities involved identification of arsenic induced cancer biomarker, Nutritional aspects of epigenetic modification in arsenic cancer and food chain contamination with arsenic. Besides she involved in research with Diabetes with Pregnancy and Diabetes induced cell death and biomarker assessment in Psoriasis.

Research Activities:

A Genomic Library was constructed ( DBT-PDF period) for hypermethylated /hypomethylated fragments of DNA after arsenic exposure. Genomic Hotspot for DNA hypermethylation after arsenic exposure was identified. Frequency of allele calculated for GST MI and TI polymorphism and Cytochrome P450 IAI polymorphism in persons having arsenical skin lesions. A new mutation have been identified in CYPIAI exon 7.

On Going Project:

Works on Nutritional Assessment, Allele Frequency Calculation and Risk of Lung Disease on Arsenic Exposed Population of West Bengal in collaboration with DNGM Research Foundation (A World Bank Project).

Recently sanctioned WB DST project on Chemical Physical and Biological activity of rutin in radiation induced damage.

Recent Research:

Work with DNGM Research Foundation from its birth till now on Arsenic exposed Population of West Bengal (honourary Scientist) to prevent occurrence of arsenic Induced cancer in West Bengal. Collaboration with Calcutta Medical College and School of Tropical Medicine for research on biomarker (diagnostic biomarker) identification on Psoriasis.

Editorship in International Journals:

  1. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Science Alert)
  2. Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology (Science Alert).

Reviewer ship in International Journals:

  • Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, (Elseveir Joounal).
  • Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences.
  • Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Health Science.
  • Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology.
  • Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology .
  • Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology.

Relevant Publications: ( papers with only Ist authorship / corresponding authorship)

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Invited oral presentations in National and International Conference: (Last Five years)

  • Oral presentation in the National Seminar and Conference held at National Institute of Miners Health (NIMH), Nagpur, Maharashtra, on 22-23rd Feb’2013. 
    Oral presentation in the International Conference on Molecules to System Physiology: 100 years journey of department of Physiology, University of Calcutta, held on 21-23rd Sep’2011. 
  • Oral presentation in the 18th State Science & Technology Congress, held on 1st March’2011 at Kolkata, West Bengal. 
  • Oral presentation in the International Conference on Integrative Physiology: Modern Perspective & Platinum Jubilee celebration of the Physiological Society of India held on 12-14th Nov’2009, Kolkata, West Bengal. 
  • Oral and poster presentation in various national and international conference (Annual International Conference on Environmental Mutagen Society of India, Annual International Conference of Human Genome Research organization, Other National and International conference held in India). 
  • Oral and Poster presentation “An Interdisciplinary approach to Biological Sciences” AIBS, Feb 2nd and 3rd, 2015 on Genomic Instability and Cancer Section held in Indian Institute of Cultivation of Science, Kolkata.
  • Oral presentation at BCKV, Kalyani, Homeobox gene fragment hypermethylation at arsenic exposed residents of West Bengal. 13-14 August2018.
  • Oral presentation at Biospectrum 2018, July. Homeobox gene fragment hypermethylation at chronic low level of arsenic exposure in residents of West Bengal.
  • Poster Presentation at 14th World Congress on Public Heath, ISMOPH Feb 9-10, 2015.
  • Workshop attended on 14th World Congress on Public Heath, ISMOPH, 9-10, 2015 on Research Methodology.
  • Book : Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, Monograph on ‘ Arsenic Induced Cancer: Epigenetics join Genetics’ ISSN : 978-3-659-40838 .
  • Book chapter: In a book entitled ‘ Occupational Hazards and Welfare measures: A Labour Perspective’ On ‘ Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects’. ISBN: 971-81-923134-8-1. Editors: Mrs. Jayalakhsmi & Dr. N. Panchanatham. Numbers of M. Sc dissertation guided in Presidency University from 2008-2014 for the partial fulfilment of their M.Sc degree.
  • Book Chapter on ‘Arsenic induced Cancer: Epigenetics and Genetics’ on 2019 from IntechOpen Publishing house.


  1. National Scholarship For 1st class B.Sc and M.Sc.
  2. DBT-PDF award in the year 2007.
  3. Best presentation award in the International conference on Alexander Hollaender Course on Genetic Toxicology: Genomic and Proteomic Approaches held on 10-12th December 2010.
  4. Best presentation award in Symposium of Environmental Mutagen Society of India. 2008.
  5. Nomination for the Human Genome Research Organization (HUGO) award (International) 2008.
  6. Best presentation award in the 18th State Science & Technology Congress, held on 1st March’2011 at Kolkata, West Bengal.
  7. Life Membership of Indian Association of Biomedical Sciences in 2011.
  8. Life Membership in Society for Toxicology, India (invited)in 2015.