Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Cine Club


“Cinema’s characteristic forte is its ability to capture and communicate the intimacies of the human mind.”

– Satyajit Ray


Cinema has been one of the greatest influences in our modern life, and it is also a form of art, the seventh art along with photography, architecture, literature, play, painting and music. It is the combination of technology, business, entertainment and aesthetics, each and everything of these four has important role in present-day world and it is also visible in the variation of its forms, Film is technology (picture taken in the celluloid camera and editing),movie is the business and entertainment, and cinema is the aesthetics. Cinema, popular or parallel, a visual art of storytelling with rich inputs of music, screenplay, cast and script, mirrors the contemporary society in which it functions. From emotional dramas to candy floss romances to action-thrillers, cinema derives its sustenance, ideas and imaginations from its surroundings. The images cinema creates surreal or tangled wave of deceit, need to be in sync with societal aspirations and basic urge of humanity to recreate and have fun and entertainment. In its long journey of more than a century, cinema has transformed itself from being a taboo and absolute no-no to a virtual way of life.Social dynamics have always regulated the content of cinema. The main protagonist of any film fights villains who are manifestations of contemporary societal evils - from village money-lender to land-hawks to advocates of dowry, dons and modern day terrorists. It provides a platform that reflects the growth of economy, politics, and technological advancements. Films are useful for knowing the history of ancient world. A movie is not only a visual treat to its audience but it also an account of societal, economic and political set up in which a person is living.

Keeping in mind the extensive and deep-rooted impacts of good cinemas on human minds, specially, on the adolescents, our college has formed a Cine Club which arranges selected film shows for the teachers and students.

Films, so far, has been shown are,

Name of the film Screened on Viewers
Not One Less 22 August, 2017 Teachers and Students
Dr Bell and Mr Doyle: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes 21 November, 2017 -Do-