Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Sister Nibedita Government General Degree College for Girls

Affiliated to University of Calcutta

Department of Economics

The Economics Department of the College is a U.G teaching department started in the year 2015.

Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources. Students of Economics will learn about a wide range of forces that shape our economy and society. Students are encouraged to represent their thoughts and ideas for policy prescription to the important local and global issues such as poverty, growth, unemployment, income inequality, and trade, health care, the Environment and regulation.

Introductory Classes are kept to a very moderate size to facilitate faculty student interaction. Some classes make extensive use of the Computer Facilities with Smart Technologies.

The students are frequently made aware of the multifaceted possibilities of the subject by classroom discussion and through various seminars.

Message of the H.O.D :

The Department of Economics helps the students to know the subject through the qualitative way of teaching and learning. The environment of student-teacher coordination is perfectly suitable for the students with differential merits and capability to assimilate the subject. Future prospective discussion helps the students to take right decision for their further advancement of their carrier with the subject as their major. Active interaction and sporty attitude towards mistakes makes the department as a distinguished field to learn Economics with care.

Seminar Library:

The department has a rich source of books on the subject in its seminar library, with a good number of varieties. Not only syllabus oriented textbooks, the seminar library of Economics consists of various reference books and a wide range of books covering diverse disciplines of Economics that will definitely serve the purpose of enriching the students and guiding them to develop a better understanding of the subject.

Students can have easy access of the books for reading and also facility of lending of books offered to them.

The department has a subscription to Economic and Political weekly Journal (UGC approved) for stimulating the thinking capability of the students in various fields of Economics which will enable them to prepare term paper.